Try Armoire — Infinite Style

Try Armoire — Infinite Style

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Try Armoire, infinite style, for only $199 USD ($99 OFF). Free shipping, cleaning, and styling. Start your style profile to get started.

How it works.

  1. Tell us what you like — we’ll build you a personalized closet of designer clothes

  2. Pick your favorites — with free priority shipping, they’ll be at your door fast

  3. Get new pieces on your schedule

FREE shipping | FREE cleaning | FREE styling

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About Armoire.

We're the modern woman’s solution to a stress free closet. Access high-end apparel, curated with your preferences in mind. Select your 4 favorite items to receive in the mail and get new pieces when you’re ready for something new. We take care of all the shipping and cleaning. With brands like Theory, DVF, Milly, Parker, and many more — you'll have great style with little to no effort.