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I’ve been sharing clothes with the women in my life since as long as I can remember
— Ambika, Chief Bosslady

You are today's woman. The world cannot keep up with you. You run the show, get sh*t done, and take a stance. The power stance. You do not have the time for a dated and demanding shopping process. Scrolling, hunting, styling, no thank you.

As a group of eclectic women ourselves (and a few kick-a** men), we understand what it means to be busy, social and simultaneously stylish. And we built a solution that finally keeps up.

Go conquer the world — we will make sure you look damn good doing it.



As seen at Delta V

Delta V (formerly known as Global Founders' Skills Accelerator) is MIT's premier competitive summer accelerator, which culminates with a pitch in front of a live audience of over 1200 at MIT's campus. Re-live the night's pitch here.



About the team.

We're insatiably curious and (slightly) manic, just the right blend to take the world on by storm. Our team mixes left and right side of brain thinking, bold and thoughtful personalities, and boasts a diverse range of skills to fill each other's gaps. We are committed to shaking things up that have been traditionally stirred — we're looking at you, retail industry.